Sheila Bycraft has had a lifelong passion for fashion, and jewellery. She was making her own beaded creations at the age of nine, and family visits to friends’ and relatives’ homes always included a thorough investigation of their jewellery boxes by young Sheila. When she was nine, her father, also an artist, taught her to make jewellery with telephone wire, and she continued to experiment and create, using beads, stone, stained glass (she is a self-taught stained glass artist), and other materials.

As an adult, Sheila took courses in fashion design, jewellery making, and colour and design, but it was in 2008 that she found her true love at a chainmail jewellery class. She was fascinated by the ancient art (used to make suits of armour as far back as 300 BC), and loved the intricacy involved in weaving wire rings together to form complex patterns. Despite the painstaking nature of the work, Sheila was absolutely hooked.

Since then, Sheila has been mainly self-taught, learning new weaves and techniques on her mission to perfect her craft. Recent courses in wire-wrapping and silversmithing have augmented her skills, as she continues to make beautifully delicate, yet substantial, contemporary bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings from sterling silver, sometimes incorporating, beads, stone, or crystals. Sheila Bycraft Jewellery uses only high quality materials from all around the globe including Canada, USA, Italy, Bali & Austria.


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